• Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS), launched in 2013 aims at providing strategic funding to eligible state higher educational institutions. The central funding in the ratio of 65:35 for the UT of Puducherry would be norm based and outcome dependent. The funding would flow from the Central Ministry through the State Governments/Union Territories to the State Higher Education Councils before reaching the identified institutions. The funding to States / UTs would be made on the basis of critical appraisal of State Higher Education Plans, which would describe each State's strategy to address issues of equity, access and excellence in higher education.

  • The State Universities and colleges (both 12B and 2(f)) compliant and non-12B and non-2(f)), Government-aided colleges would be entitled to some components including infrastructure support. Funding to such Colleges would be decided based on their antiquity and other parameters. RUSA would be implemented and monitored through an institutional structure comprising various bodies at the Central, State and Institutional levels with clearly defined roles and powers.

Institutional Structure for RUSA.

National Level: RUSA Mission Authority
Project Approval Board
Technical Support Group
Project Directorate in MHRD
State level: State Higher Education Council
State Project Directorate(SDP)
Technical support Group(TSG)
Institutional level: Board of Governors
Project Monitoring Unit

  • RUSA is envisaged as a prime vehicle for strategic funding of State institutions for 18 components that capture the key action and funding areas that must be pursued for fulfilment of the targets Programmatic and Financial Norms of Various Components:
  • The Government of Puducherry expressed its willingness to participate in RUSA in September 2014 to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

  • All the pre-requisites to get the grants from MHRD under RUSA were fulfilled by constituting the Puducherry State Higher Education Council based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee constituted by the Government of Puducherry and submitting the State Higher Education Plan of Puducherry for the 12th Plan Period in February 2015 based on the Institutional Development Plans submitted by the Government / Government - Aided Society Arts & Science, Engineering, Law, Education and Polytechnic Colleges of the U.T. of Puducherry.
Important - Government Orders (GO)
  G.O.Ms.NO. 112-The Puducherry State Higher Education Council
  G.O.Ms.NO. 122-The Puducherry State Higher Education Council
  G.O.Ms.NO. 118-The Puducherry State Higher Education Council

Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan ( RUSA)
  Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan ( RUSA) -GUIDE
   Institutional Plan Template -FORMATE
  Karaikal Polytechnic College RUSA-Institutional Plan -FORMATE
   Arignar Anna Government Arts & Science College, Karaikal RUSA-Institutional Plan -FORMATE
Geo-tagging of RUSA activities in the Colleges.
Submission of year-wise statistical data about the College for up-dation of data in the Directorate and Council.
Acceptance of the willingness of U.T. of Puducherry for the participation of RUSA - a Centrally Sponsored Scheme under MHRD.
Approval of MHRD - RUSA for release of grants under Component (1).
Approval for release of grants under Component (9).
Registration and use of PFMS portal for the operation of RUSA accounts by the Council and the Colleges
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